d up● so as not to be recognised.They mingle●d with the thronging crowds, were j●ostled, pushed, and otherwise annoyed, yet Sa●rah knew it not—seemed conscious● of no


Image 1

thing till her eyes rested on her misguide▓d father.What wa

s it she ho●ped She knew not, except a strange ▓undefined belief that even now, in the eleventh ●hour, his innocence would be made evi●dent.Alas, poor girl! the summary ●proceedings of a court of

, impossib


Image 2
  • le. The morning of the
  • t●rial came, the co
  • urt was crowded; for
  • ● the extensive robbe
  • ries tra●ced home t
  • o this gang occasioned
unusual e


Image 3

ju●stice on a gang of noted criminals allowed no s●aving clause.He was sworn

to as havin●g been seen with them, and that w▓as sufficient.All he said was unhe●eded, perhaps unheard; and sentence of transport●ation for life was pronounced on e●very man by name



Image 4
  • t.The trembling heart of
  • ● the daughter felt that
  • to wai●t to hear of its t
  • ermination, and● her fa
  • ther’s sentence, was impo
  • ssible,▓ the very effort wo
uld drive


, Isaac Levison included●. Sarah did not scream; she tho●ught she did not faint, for ●the words rung in her ears as repeat●ed by a hundred echoes, each one lou▓

der than the other; but, except thi●s power of hearing, every other sense seem▓ed suddenly stilled.She did not know wh●ose arm led her from that terrible sce▓ne—who was conducting her h▓astily yet tenderly towards ●home.She walked on quick, quicker still, as i●f the rapidity of movement should hush th▓at mocking sound.It would not, it cou●ld not; and whe

her mad▓.


n she was at home, she ▓sunk down powerless, conscious only▓ of misery that even faith might not remove. ▓ “Sarah, my own Sarah! look ▓up, speak to me, this silence ●is terrible!” exclaimed a voice wh▓ich roused her as with an electric shock.▓ Reu

John - In vain old Esther

ben Perez was beside her, his arm around her●; the ice of misery, the restraint of long-hidd▓en feelings, were broken by the powe▓r of that voice, and laying her head on his s▓houlder, she sobbed in unc

Davis - remonstra●te
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